S. No.Brand NameActive Ingredient(s)Therapeutic SegmentPack Details
1SILODROID 4Silodosin 4mgBPH / Prostitis Capsule
2SILODROID 8Silodosin 8mgBPH / ProstitisCapsule
3SILODROID - D 4Silodosin 4mg + Dutasteride 0.5mgBPH / Prostitis Capsule
4SILODROID - D 8Silodosin 8mg + Dutasteride 0.5mg BPH / Prostitis Capsule
5MIRACIN 25Mirabegron 25mgOAB / Urine IncontinenceTablet
6MIRACIN 50Mirabegron 50mgOAB / Urine Incontinence Tablet
7MIRACIN - S 25Mirabegron 25mg + Solifenacin 5mgOAB / Urine IncontinenceTablet
8MIRACIN - S 50Mirabegron 50mg + Solifenacin 5mgOAB / Urine IncontinenceTablet
9FURABID 50 DTNitrofurantoin 50mg UTI / Un-ComplicatedTablet
10FURABID 100Nitrofurantoin 100mgUTI / Un-ComplicatedTablet
11ALFUDROID Alfuzosin 10mgBPH / Prostitis Tablet
12FERTILISCo-Enzyme Q10NutraceuticalCapsule
13FF-CINFosfomycin 3gmAntibioticSachet
14F-PENEM 200Faropenem 200mgAntibioticTablet
15F-PENEM 300Faropenem 300mgAntibiotic Tablet
16BETH 25Bethnecol 25mgOAB/ Urine RetentionTablet
17Beth 75bethnecol 75mgOAB/Urine RetentionTablet


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